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  • Tuesday, 20 October 2020 10:32

MSA University - TICO

TTO Services to MSIANS:
  • Build partnership with industries represented in (governmental, Private , military).
  • Updates the faculties by the recent fields of researches based of the country strategy.
  • Facilitate the R&D process in the applied researches using different types of support.
  • Customer discovery ( collection of technological challenges related to the university research fields ).
  • Invention disclosure filing between clients and Beneficiaries for IP protection
  • Technology Valuation
  • Technology Marketing to the industrial beneficiaries
What type of support provided?
  • Innovative Idea needs to be implemented
  • Prototype needs to enter the production stage
  • Final product needs to be commercialized
  • Issued Intellectual property needs to be commercialized
  • IP needs to be licensed.


Types of TTO Supports:
  • Financial: TTO can fund you to develop your prototype or to enhance your innovation
  • Technical: TTO can support you technically by linking you to experts in your research field and get partners from other faculties for multi-disciplinary projects project
  • Consultancy: you can consult TTO to evaluate your applied research and to know the marketing acceptance.
  • Marketing and Licensing: TTO can help you to license your IP and product marketing.
  • Partnership: TTO can facilitate the connection with the needed industrial partner easily .


Evaluation Criteria:
  • What is the product?
  • Who are the customers?
  • What are the strategic goals for the development of the technology? (Product -New business line - New business)
  • What does the IP asset cover?
  • What else is needed to support the product or business? (Gap analysis - Skills for development - Enabling IP - Sales and distribution)