History of MSA University

29 May 195112:00 AM

Dr. Nawal El Degwi

Perseverance, persistence to succeed, optimism and nonstop devotion in achieving sublime goals, leading tirelessly instead of following. Blessed was her every step on the long road of success. These are the elements of Professor Nawal El Degwi's achieved success in its longest path and fortunately, she was followed by thousands of students, faculty members, employees and workers. Professor Nawal El Degwi was born and brought up in, the blessed land, Egypt which is full of love and goodness and she was brought up on giving her hand to outreach others. She became the same like her country Egypt, a "good leader", beautiful, kind and generous. Spreading love around her wherever she went. Day after day she realized her distinguished comprehensive education philosophy as she had a precise outlook to the future that led her to achieve that overwhelming success which is worthy to be followed.

29 May 195812:00 AM

Baby Home Language School

In her long and outstanding distinguished educational path, Professor Nawal El Degwi put the first good seed into the good earth In 1958 which was the Baby Home Language School then followed by a series of Dar El Tarbiah Language Schools In 1961. As she was cherishing and caring for her schools, the march of development and growth went on continuously until it became a huge tree with lots of branches. A tree that shades and protects all students who are seeking distinguished higher education, with which they will face the ever changing challenges of the future, standing on equal footing with their peers of National and international graduates of British Universities, renowned worldwide with their quality education.

29 May 196112:00 AM

Dar El Tarbiah Secondary School

In 1961 she founded and directed Dar El Tarbiah Secondary School which has repeatedly been awarded for its students' outstanding performance in public and international examinations and for the unique grade levels

29 May 198412:00 AM

The British GCE subsidiary of Dar El Tarbiah

In 1984 she founded the British GCE subsidiary of Dar El Tarbiah.
In 1984 Dr Degwi founded the first Egyptian International School in England (West Greens Ted College). In 1991 started the IGCSE branch in Dar El Tarbiah which is regarded as IGCSE largest centre in the whole world with more than 900 students sitting for Cambridge University Exam each year.
Dar El Tarbiah has been able to secure top positions worldwide in most IGCSE subjects, especially the Advanced Subsidiary Levels and has been recognized by Cambridge University for the outstanding performance of its candidates, especially in Sciences and Mathematics.

29 May 199612:00 AM

MSA University

In 1996 till present Professor/Dr Nawal El Degwi established and directing the October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) per the presidential decree no. 244 for 1996, and chairs MSA’s Board of Trustees, with the mission to pursue educational excellence and provide the best educational offerings in all disciplines, based on the application of the latest technologies, with a tendency not only to react to change but also to lead it. MSA University is currently the premier provider of British Higher Education in Egypt. On the same year she was nominated a Member of the CITA Accreditation Board of Schools in USA and the Middle East. Then became a member of The National Specialized Council Education Section.


29 May 199912:00 AM

Dr.Nawal awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Education

In 1999, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Education from the Missouri Valley College upon the recommendation of the American League of Colleagues and Universities (ALOCU). Then awarded as an Honorary Citizen of Marshall, Missouri, by Mayor Mitchell F. Geisler.

29 May 200012:00 AM

American School System in Dar El Tarbiah.

In 2000 Established the American School System in Dar El Tarbiah, which was awarded full and continuous accreditation from the Commission of International and Trans-regional Accreditation (CITA) after the evaluation of the Accreditation Board.

29 May 200112:00 AM

MSA Achieved Validation from Middlesex University

MSA Achieved Validation of MSA Computer Science, Management Sciences and Mass Communications from Middlesex University in the following programmes: - B.A. (Honors) Mass Communication (Majors in Advertising and Public Relations, Broadcasting, and Journalism). - B.Sc. (Honors) Computer Science.
- B.Sc. (Honors) Computer Science (Software Engineering).
- B.A. (Honors) Accounting.
- B.A. (Honors) Management Systems.
- B.A. (Honors) Marketing & International Business.
- B.A. (Honors) Economics.

29 May 200312:00 AM

MSA Achieved Validation from University of GreenWich

MSA Achieved Validation of MSA Engineering Programmes from the University of Greenwich: - B.Sc. (Honors) Architectural Engineering. - B.Sc. (Honors) Computer Systems Engineering.
- B.Sc. (Honors) Electrical Communication and Electronic Systems Engineering.
- B.Sc. (Honors) Industrial Systems Engineering.

29 May 200412:00 AM

Real milestone in the history of higher education in Egypt

- MSA was affiliated with Virginia Tech and the Ohio State University of the USA.
- Opened two new faculties: Pharmacy and Languages.
- Honoured by the training and Development Society, Cairo.

29 May 200512:00 AM

Quality Assurance Standards

Success continued and followed like a formidable intact entity, so applied, for the first time in Egypt, the Quality Assurance Standards of Higher Education of Britain at MSA University as an essential part of validation for MSA’s programmes from the British Universities. Now MSA enjoys a unique standing in higher education among all the Universities in Egypt and the Middle East, being the first and foremost university whose programmes are validated by Bedfordshire University and the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom. MSA graduates stand on equal footing with their peers in the UK and enjoy the same advantages: they attend the same graduation ceremony with their UK peers in London, their credit hours at MSA are accepted in the UK Universities at any point of time during the term of their study, and they can pursue post graduate degrees there. MSA has been recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt, which accredited all MSA programmes. Validation is the process of having the same level of British curriculum, educational offerings and standards in Egypt. Thus, MSA graduates hold two bachelor degrees; British from the British universities, in addition to the degrees obtained from MSA which is accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities. MSA graduates enjoy a notable rate of immediate employment in multinational and renowned national firms.

29 May 200612:00 AM

Doctorate Degrees & Professorship

In 2006 MSA University Established Dentistry and Biotechnology faculties.
On Oct. 2006 Awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Education from the University of Greenwich (U.K.) On Sep. 2007 Dr Degwi was awarded an Honorary Professorship in the Philosophy of Education from Middlesex University (U.K.) On Jan. 2008 she was Honored by the Arabic Cultural Salon of Ghazi (Cairo) for outstanding Educational Standards.

29 May 201112:00 AM

Faculty of Arts & Design

In 2011 MSA University introduced the Faculty of Arts and Design to MSA

29 May 201412:00 AM

partnership with Bedfordshire University

MSA academically partnered with Bedfordshire University to ensure academic excellence to the students of MSA. Thus, both Faculties of Languages and Arts and Design at MSA became validated by a British partner, i.e. “University of Bedfordshire” totaling to 8 out of 9 faculties being accredited internationally. While Faculty of Management switched its validation to the University of Greenwich.

05 April 202211:45 AM

Faculty of Physical therapy

In 2022 MSA University introduced the Faculty of Physical therapy to MSA