MUN - Model of United Nations

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1. About:

MSA Model united nations is a simulation of the United nations. Students represent politicians after receiving sessions and discussing various topics.

2. Mission:

MSAMUN aims to help students develop their soft skills under the umbrella of politics and diplomacy. Participants will implement the skills they develop in the conference where their development will be monitored and further development can be achieved.

3. Committees:

• Marketing & PR
• Reception
• Coordination
• Media
• Fundrasing
• juniors
• HR
• Publication & IT

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4. Brief club history:

• MSAMUN has hosted 9 Annual Conferences
• 3 National Conferences
• Participated in 4 international conferences
• Received many awards over the course of participation

5. HB Structure:

Secretary General, Organizing Committee Head, Deputy Secretary General, Deputy Organizing Committee Head

6. Partners:



Facebook: MSAMUN page