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MSA University - Campus Information

Facts of MSA Campus:

  • MSA has one of the largest campuses in Egypt (50 acres), situated just 30km from the center of Cairo in the 6th October area.

  • Open air spaces and greenery allow students to enjoy fresh air and work in a healthy environment.

  • The campus includes over 60 scientific laboratories, over 20 computer laboratories, 130 lecture halls, a cinema hall, an indoor theatre (seating 1000 persons) and 30 cafeterias around all campus.

  • In addition to the two libraries, the campus includes several other facilities such as a dental out-patient clinic, 8 dental operation theatres, 2 large mass communication studios and 15 editing/ news/ digital photo/ photo processing laboratories.

  • Sports facilities include six football fields, two volleyball and two basketball courts and two tennis courts. In addition to, a world class Gym, “True Gym” which is filled with the latest high-tech exercise equipment and professional trainers.

  • The campus is covered by a wireless network.

  • Building H, also called 'the Research Center' helps to enhance the learning process and enrich the knowledge of both students and staff members. The building includes seven dental clinics, a dental operations room, 102 dental radiology rooms, a sterilization room, 134 dental chairs, and 31 computer labs.

  • Building G includes 24 lecture halls, 24 auditoriums, 45 staff rooms, 4 computer labs, an opera house, and a cafeteria.

  • Olympic Compound plus sports facilities include six football fields, two volleyball and two basketball courts in addition of gymnasium with highly qualified trainers and coaches for several other sports.

There are 3 routes which take you to MSA's new campus: The 1st route is through the Ring road and from there reach the Remaya square and go through the Fayoum road until you reach the Wahat road on your right, take the Wahat road and go straight ahead past Dream Land and the Media Production City and go straight on until you find the new campus on your right. The 2nd route is from the Mehwar road via Lebanon square, take the Mehwar and keep driving straight ahead past 6th of October city till you reach the Wahat road, then turn right, you find the university after 300m on your right. The 3rd route is through Haram Street till you reach the Fayoum road, turn right from the Fayoum road to 6 th of October road you will then reach the Wahat road, you will find the university on your right. MSA University - Campus Directions

Main Office - 6th Oct. Campus

26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th October City. Egypt.

Tel. : 3837-1113
Tel. : 3837-1115
Tel. : 3837-1516
Postal code: 12451

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Hotline: 16672

International Hotline:  002-0216672