Top 10 reasons to choose MSA

MSA University - Top 10 reasons to choose MSA

  • Study in the first University in Egypt validated by British universities and earn two bachelor degrees accredited worldwide; one from Egypt and the other from United Kingdom.
  • At MSA we like to prepare our students for their future; you can take the advantage of pursuing your postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom, with the exact same requirements of University of Greenwich and Bedfordshire University graduates.
  • Matriculate at a state-of-the-art campus equipped with the latest and most advanced educational resources; facilities are sophisticated and play a large role in student life on campus. Surrounded by greenery and a breathtaking landscape, students enjoy a friendly and communal environment.
  • MSA offers a wide range of extra curricular activities including groups and clubs which further develop students' interests and help to build on their non-academic skills. There are also various opportunities for students to involve themselves in external events organized by MSA.
  • Join the ranks of MSA Alumnus, who are distinguished for their exceptional employment rates among all Egyptian graduates, according to CAPMAS. MSA offers a strong support system to ensure students productive transition from university to the real world.
  • Through 'The International Employment Fair', MSA allows students to get a real head-start with their careers with internships and training enrollment with programmes that are career-oriented.
  • Pursue your preferred career with over 600 courses offering broad range of options and constantly adapting programmes to suit your needs. The diversity of these courses gives students the opportunity to follow the exact path they want to whilst acquiring the necessary qualifications at the same time.
  • MSA has a wide student to teacher ratio which allows for real focus on student progress and achievement. MSA has highly qualified staff members who are well equipped to provide students with the academic support they require whilst obtaining their degrees. In addition to this, staff members operate as a support system for students to ensure their student's experience is exactly what it should be.
  • MSA offers overseas Student Exchange Programmes which not only prepare students for real life experiences but also develop workplace skills and exposures to different cultures whilst contributing to their academic degree.
  • MSA is keen on offering both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships; the university allows up to 30% discount for distinguished students with outstanding records.



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26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th October City. Egypt.

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