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[panel_slider autoplay="no" loop="yes" navigation="yes" pagination="yes" scroll_reveal="hustle 15%"] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-about-new.jpg" background="#222222" title="About MSA University" link_title="Read more!" url="about-msa/welcome-to-msa/about-msa-university" target="self"]MSA University provides students with the First British Higher Education in Egypt and the Middle-East Region. [/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-uk-validation-new.jpg" background="#222222" title="UK Validation" link_title="Read more!" url="uk-partners/uk-validation"]Constituted to be both informed and impartial in order to assure the Academic Board that the university's commitment to quality and standards are met. [/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-campus-news.jpg" background="#222222" title="Joint Cooperation Protocols" link_title="Read more!" url="about-msa/why-msa-university/protocols-for-training-employment"]The university, as the first British education in Egypt, has conducted joint cooperation agreements and protocols with major local and international companies working in various fields.[/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-faculty-of-dentistry.jpg" background="#222222" title="Faculty of Dentistry" link_title="Read more!" url="faculties/faculty-of-dentistry" target="self"]MSA's Faculty of Dentistry is dedicated to improve analytical thinking capacity and problem solving attitudes of its dental students while preparing them as expert clinicians with adequate biomedical knowledge. [/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-faculty-of-pharmacy.jpg" background="#222222" title="Faculty of Pharmacy" link_title="Read more!" url="faculties/faculty-of-pharmacy"]Pharmacy students at MSA University are exposed to the rapidly growing information revolution in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, and are supplied with the latest laboratory equipment worldwide. [/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-faculty-of-biotechnology.jpg" background="#222222" title="Faculty of Biotechnology" link_title="Read more!" url="faculties/faculty-of-biotechnology"]The aim of the Faculty of Biotechnology at MSA University is to produce well-educated bio technologists with the scientific background and laboratory experience necessary for employment in the fields of Biotechnology. [/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-faculty-of-engineering.jpg" background="#222222" title="Faculty of Engineering" link_title="Read more!" url="faculties/faculty-of-engineering"]The Faculty of Engineering at MSA University aims to promote each student’s capacity, ability, creativity and imagination when approaching future engineering problems. [/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-faculty-of-cs.jpg" background="#222222" title="Faculty of Computer Sciences" link_title="Read more!" url="faculties/faculty-of-computer-science"]Students at the Faculty of Computer Science are encouraged to develop autonomous learning as well as interpersonal skills to become good communicators, self motivated, aware of own strengths and weaknesses, with clear vision and plan for own future. [/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-faculty-of-arts-design.jpg" background="#222222" title="Faculty of Arts & Design" link_title="Read more!" url="faculties/faculty-of-arts-design"] ARTS & DESIGN students produce innovative work in a dynamic studio-led environment, supported by the highest caliber of studios, facilities and staff who are passionate about their profession. [/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-faculty-of-management.jpg" background="#222222" title="Faculty of Management Sciences" link_title="Read more!" url="faculties/faculty-of-management-sciences"]The Faculty of Management Sciences programmes are designed to provide the students with the main theoretical concepts and practical applications that can be used in today's dynamic business environment. [/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-faculty-of-masscommunication.jpg" background="#222222" title="Faculty of Mass Communication" link_title="Read more!" url="faculties/faculty-of-mass-communication"]MSA’s Faculty of Mass Communication emphasizes creativity and professional excellence in all fields within the media industry. We provide a pioneering program that transcends local language and culture to promote pluralism and diversity. [/panel_slide] [panel_slide image="images/msa-slideshow-photos/msauniversity-faculty-of-languages.jpg" background="#222222" title="Faculty of Languages" link_title="Read more!" url="faculties/faculty-of-languages"]The Faculty of Languages aims to help students acquire deep knowledge and understanding of major concepts and acquire critical thinking and professional skills in the fields of English Language Studies; and to prepare them to become effective and dynamic in job markets. [/panel_slide] [/panel_slider]



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British Validation

Constituted to be both informed and impartial in order to assure the Academic Board that the university's commitment to quality and standards are met. The process involves professional dialogue and constructive debate, conducted through a process of peer review, with the aim of maintaining and enhancing quality.
A validation panel is established to act on the university's behalf to undertake this scrutiny. This is exactly what took place between both MSA University and the British universities. University of Bedfordshire and University of Greenwich ensure that MSA University is following the same educational standards followed in the UK. MSA University has been validated by two of the top universities in the United Kingdom; these are University of Bedfordshire and University of Greenwich . Accordingly, our graduates receive dual degrees, a British degree and an Egyptian one accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council for Universities.

Facts about UOBFaculties that are validated by UOB

MSA University - Bedfordshire University

  • Established: 1882
  • Students: 23930
  • Undergraduates: 17129
  • Postgraduates: 6801
  • The University of Bedfordshire is a modern, innovative university with a heritage of top quality education going back more than 100 years.
  • More than 24,000 students from over 100 countries
  • International and multi-cultural learning communities
  • Education partners in China, Middle East, Europe and South East Asia
  • Opportunities to study overseas such as summer schools in China and Vietnam
  • 92% of Bedfordshire students who graduated last year have found jobs or are in further study – the highest figure achieved by the University.
  • Faculty of Mass Communication.
  • Faculty of Languages.
  • Faculty of Arts and Design.
  • Faculty of Management Sciences.
Facts about University of Greenwich Faculties that are validated by University of Greenwich

MSA University - the University of Greenwich

  • Established in 1890.
  • Students: 23925.
  • Undergraduates: 18620.
  • Postgraduates: 5300.
  • Faculty of Engineering.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • Faculty of Computer Sciences.
  • Faculty of Biotechnology.


UK Partnership Privileges:
  • Students receive two degrees – one from UK and the other from Egypt.
  • MSA and British Universities' partnership will influence the development of education in Egypt and the entire region by setting a new benchmark for educational excellence to which other universities will aspire.
  • It is a unique partnership among Egyptian and British Universities, across all academic activities, including degree validation, research collaboration and staff and student exchanges.
  • Provides a framework of ongoing and continuous quality enhancement, taking advantage of the latest developments in the UK higher education sector.
  • Research-led teaching and international research capacity of staff and campus facilities.
  • Well-qualified staff and high achieving students, both committed to MSA mission.
  • Shared university agendas to provide degrees to graduates relevant to national and regional needs and international recruitment markets.
  • MSA university comprises of a Board of Trustees consisting of senior business and political leaders.
  • Support from government offices and associated agencies, such as The British Council, etc.
  • The unique standing of MSA as the first British degree provider in Egypt and the Middle East.

Best of UK Education:

  • Students acquire academic expertise and learn practical skills useful for employment, such as presentation skills,team working and leadership.
  • Staff exchanges will increase academic understanding and cultural diversity.
  • Leading research centers in the scientific field, including pharmacy and biotechnology research facilities and a Bio equivalence Center, licensed by the Egyptian Ministry Of Health, which is considered the first among private universities in Egypt.

Future Opportunities:

According to Central Agency for Public Mobilization & Statistics (CAPMAS), MSA University ranks as one of the universities with the highest employment rate of 95%. A common mission to use academic resources for the benefit of industry, commerce and the wider community. A wide scope of interaction between MSA students and huge companies so as to expose them to the marketplace, and prepare them for future career opportunities at these prominent businesses.

Main Office - 6th Oct. Campus

26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th October City. Egypt.

Tel. : 3837-1113
Tel. : 3837-1115
Tel. : 3837-1516
Postal code: 12451

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hotline: 16672

International Hotline:  002-0216672