Cultural Department

The Cultural Department is mainly and basically concerned with developing the students’ abilities as it digs for talents and hobbies of students regardless of their majors. It’s a way to create a fully rounded personality, with a positive attitude to their society, family and themselves. Hobbies satisfy the needs of the soul, thus students will have a bright side to look forward to achieve through culture. Visiting places or recreational centers, historic sites with ancient monuments all that add to our dear students to be well cultured and know their country very well as to be good ambassadors who will proudly represent their country.

  • That department provides world class graduates with the ability to compete and excel in an ever-changing dynamic world and to stand on equal footing with their peers from other international universities through its dedication to the pursuit of excellence in curricula, facilities, staff and students
  • It places significant emphasis on staff development and on creating opportunities for staff to expand their knowledge and satisfy their needs as we believe that our staff is the most valuable asset
  • It contributes in the overall advancement and growth of the community in which it operates.