When Architecture meets Nature

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When Architecture meets Nature

MSA Architecture students participated in its first students' cultural day (When Architecture meets Nature). MSA Architecture department organized its first students' cultural day in El Orman park on 17th of April 2010 as one of the department's goals is mixing fun with education with an attempt to enhance the cultural activities, and increase the interaction between the architectural education, nature and the environment outside the closed lecture halls.

The event was held and organized by the department assistant teachers and supervised by : Architect Dalia Abdel Fattah & Architect Mostafa Gabr. The event consisted of 3 sessions: - First session :
Landscape & plantation by Architect Rania ahmed illustrating the key elements of landscape design including ( soft scape, hard scape and water features) - Second session :
Photography by Architect Eman shoukry Explaining the principles of landscape photography & the beauty of colors in nature. - Third session:
Architecture & Nature by Architect Heba Allah Saad illustrating how Architecture can be inspired from nature through Biomimicry. Then the students took a tour around the Park with illustrations to the landscape features and the photography techniques as a part of the photography competition between the students.The event was ended by an open session for the students' activities and talents including games, poetry, and novels. Finally, Architecture department would like to thank all the students who attended for the outstanding effort and wish them bright & rewarding careers."

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