MSA's Annual Exhibition of Industrial Engineering Seniors

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MSA's Annual Exhibition of Industrial Engineering Seniors

On Tuesday, 6th July, 2010, MSA's Faculty of Engineering held its annual Exhibition for Graduating Seniors of Industrial Engineering in Engineering Workshop, after which the students discussed their projects with the judging panel.The judging panel comprised of: Dr.Said Ashour, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Mohamed Said Hassan, Head of Department of Industrial Engineering, and Dr. Samuel Mengistu, from University of Greenwich.

Among the projects presented: "Development of Green Manufacturing System in an Industrial Factory", a project that was presented by: Heidi El Helw, Kareem Fawzy, Marwan El Henawy and Mostafa Borai. The project is an initiative to reduce industrial pollution resulting from factory operations that affect the sustainability of resources including: health of labor and quality of products and materials. Thereby, the group's project resolved such issues through waste management system by resorting to alternative money and energy saving methods such as substituting diesel with compressed natural gas that helps conserve energy and reduces money expenditure by 81%, as well as maintaining a sustainable benchmark to help preserve resources. The group's project was further supported through a signed partnership between MSA University and Mostafa Borai Group, a metal and wood manufacturing company upon which they based their project. Such partnership will allow exchange of expertise between MSA University and the factory through summer trainings, field trips, keynote speakers and more. This will help enrich students' knowledge from both theoretical and practical aspects. ‘MSA student" "Formula Car" group comprised of: Abdel Rahman Tarek, Hisham Nagy, Ibrahim Abo Waly, and Ismail Hisham, supervised by Dr. Mohamed Abdelghani Fayed, where they constructed a formula racing car characterized by its tremendous acceleration and excellent handling, besides being the first to be manufactured in Egypt according to Formula Society of Automotive Engineering (FSAE) standards. A student fabricated a car to give a hands-on experience for students. The project is part of the FSAE, which is a student formula race car Design Competition organized by Society of Automotive Engineers, and will be registered for FSAE's upcoming competition in September 2010. Dr. Said Ashour, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, expressed his satisfaction with this year's seniors of industrial engineering describing their graduation projects as “innovative and challenging”. your social media marketing partner

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