Graphics and Media Arts Department Graduation projects

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Graphics and Media Arts Department Graduation projects

Graduation projects presented by students of Graphics and Media Arts department of Faculty of Arts and Design, MSA, demonstrated the wide spectrum of graphic’s shades that received appreciation from the jury committees. These projects showed the students’ personal branding; distinct presentation idea, design idea, objectives and strategies. Moreover, the projects reflected the students’ enthusiasm and their creative thinking skill was highlighted in the chosen categories.102 different projects all under the umbrella of the UN SDGs, all categories of the sustainable development goals are represented.


The academic year 2020-2021 was quite challenging to us all, Due to the impact of COVID 19 and social distancing. Despite the hardships, the students still perseveringly carried out their projects with an exceptional dedication.


With regards to the several themes in this year’s graduation project, the department split into 5 committees to assess all genre of graphic design, advertising, animation, illustration, brand identity and new media art.


Animation projects focused on human inner journeys and dug deep into souls and the self. “Danse Macabre” an animation movie explored student's struggle with anxiety, the main concept is to express the journey with anxiety through a medieval theme.


While “Ra'ouf's Eyes” another animation movie tackled television addiction that goes a stage past hypnosis, It suggests that TV controls us along with its consequences, that make us hesitant or incapable to live. On the other end of the spectrum, stands an awareness campaign named "اي خدمة" “ any service” this project highlighted the digital transformation that the country is currently going through.


Another awareness campaign is “Banalastic” this campaign aims to ban the use of plastic and replacing it with ecofriendly materials. Between this and that stands book illustration projects that assert theme variation “Jane Eyre” has been given a new life where the concept of life was explored through digging deeper into the inner mindset and building a foundation to success. Board game design is present as well through “ hamm el namm” an educational game aimed for kids, this showed the ever-changing trend of students of the Graphics and Media Arts department.


In addition, there are also projects about start - ups such as “Khyoot” threads that digitally promotes and markets the traditional hand woven carpets in Egypt.


All class 2021 demonstrate eagerness and spirit of learning and that showed in their choices and devotion.

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