Professional Diploma in Teaching

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  • Thursday, 19 May 2022 14:07

MSA University - Faculty of Languages Professional Diploma

About the Program:

This Professional Diploma for Teachers (PDT) is offered to university graduates who aim at acquiring experience in teaching at school level.


This diploma contributes to their knowledge and skills to communicate scientific or mathematical or humanities concepts in English and provide classroom state- of the- art delivery of specialized topics.


The diploma focuses on the interdependence of teaching and psychology.


Learning about theories and practices in the field of psychology enables teachers to embrace different cognitive and personal capabilities of individual learners in classrooms: elementary versus high school learners. Nowadays, educators investigate how educational psychology contributes to the preparation of teachers as it is very essential for a teacher to teach his/her students according to their individual needs.


The diploma provides its students with teaching practice simulations to experience different blended learning and communicative teaching methods. It focuses on the use of technology, including the use of artificial intelligence and interactive instructional strategies.


The programme contributes to enhancing teaching competencies when developing curricula, planning lessons and activities, as well as developing assessment and evaluation strategies and rubrics. Such strategies are vital to young learners’ experience, motivation, progress, and achievement.

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