Dean's Welcome Note.

Prof. Dr. Tarek Salah Said Hello, and welcome to the Faculty of Arts, Design. We believe that creativity is the currency of our time and it has no boundaries.Our mission is to foster the next generation of creative practitioners, who will maximize their contribution to the cultural, social, and economic well being of society, through valuing reflective and critical approaches to the exchange of ideas within an equal opportunity context, including the understanding of cultures, diversity, individuality and creative practices. We passionately believe in providing a dynamic and interactive learning community which allows students and staff to nurture develop and exploit their creative talents towards their own professional intent. At the heart of our provision is an ideas led approach to creative risk, exploration, questioning, entrepreneurship and collaboration towards the pursuit of the most innovative and creative work. We prepare our students to be ready for employment and or further study by the unique way we structure our courses to reflect the way in which the creative industries work, thereby offering students a multitude of experience in real life situations. We work closely with employers and professional statutory bodies to ensure currency of the curriculum at all times to ensure all graduates of the faculty will have well developed creative, technical and cognitive skills as well as business knowledge and understanding. Prof. Dr. Tarek Salah Said.
Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Design.
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