Yomna Mohammed Ismail

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Yomna Mohammed Ismail

MSA University and the Faculty of Arts and Design would love to congratulate the creative and talented artist Yomna Mohammed Ismail, who graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design (Graphics and Media Arts Department - Class of 2021) as her graduation project film “Danse Macabre” or “The Dance of Death” won the award for the best animated short film at the Cartoon/ Animation Festival “Animatics”.


The movie is a metaphorical expression of anxiety struggles as Yomna wanted to express anxiety through a medieval theme called the ‘Danse Macabre’ or the ‘Dance of Death’. Dark thoughts that haunt anxiety patients are like the skeletons from the ‘Danse Macabre’. Patients engage in a struggle with their symptoms and that struggle is like the dance between the dead and the living in the Danse Macabre. Anxiety leads patients to death like how the Danse Macabre skeletons waltz the living to their graves. Nonetheless, patients can escape their deaths by ‘changing their dance partner’.


This movie raises awareness about anxiety and how anxiety patients should not suffer alone. Medication is not always the way out, sometimes all one has to do is find someone to talk to.


“Animatics” is an animation festival in Egypt, which started in 2020 and aims to be a forum for all artists working in the animation industry in Egypt. In addition, it is a platform to present all components and aspects of this art locally, regionally and globally.



Congratulations Artist Yomna Mohamed, with our heartfelt wishes for more awards and all the best for all MSA students and graduates in all different fields.

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