Arab star-pack competition

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Arab star-pack competition

MSA University congratulates the Faculty of Arts & Design and our talented students, Farah Khaled Ibrahim, Farida Amr Mohamed, Nouran Torky, Nada Bakkar & Marian Magdy who succeeded to Publish for packaging design project in packaging of the world website.


Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Tarek Saleh Dean of Arts & design Faculty, MSA And with the guidance anddirecting of Dr. Ahmed Attia, Assistant Professor with the assistant team T.A Menna Zakaria and T.A Shaimaa Elsherbeny Graphic & Media Arts Department, five of our students participated won in the ARAB STARPACK competition. ARAB STARPACK competition is the first packaging contest in the Arab region to promote innovation in the domain of packaging. LibanPack has been organizing Lebanon Student StarPack, the first packaging contest in Lebanon and the Middle East since 2010.


The competition falls within the packaging "awareness side of LibanPack" objective. The competition is accredited by World Packaging Organization. Moreover, Winners will automatically be qualified to participate in World Star competition organized by WPO, granting winning projects international visibility. The competition contains four main categories, which are visual packaging category, structural category, save the food category and smart waste category. The number of participates for this year were 460 participate from all the Middle East and the number of participates from Egypt was 216 participate. Our faculty of arts and design was submitted for 36 projects by 34 participate in all categories from the graphic and media arts department. The final results for the competition were announced by LibanPack Director and our students won 5 prizes from the competition in three categories. Firstly, Farah Khaled Ibrhim won by the second prize in the smart waste category in the Middle East. Secondly, we have two winners in the saving the food category that Nada Bakkar won by the first prize. And Farida Amr Mohamed won by the third prize. Finally, we have two winners also in the structural packaging category that Nouran Tarek Torky won by the second prize and Marian Magdy won by the third prize.


The world Packaging Organization congrats all the winners and announced that they are eligible to global packaging competition 2021.

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MSA is proud of you and we wish you huge success in your bright future.

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