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Egyptian Youth for Development

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1. About:

EYD is a youth organization tackling the progress of the individual and the development of the entire society through activities and session that we are providing to the college students. We are trying to build their personalities and give them more knowledge about what’s going on in the world and improving their communication skills. This experiences will be later used for their benefit in the social and academic life and for the benefit of our society.

2. Vision:

we are looking forward to share in the developing of our country Egypt by the effort of the Egyptian youth and what they have from culture, knowledge, experience and excitement. They will represent Egypt all over the world. Also we are looking forward to have more Egyptian projects to compete with the international market. In addition, giving help to the developing countries which are in excess need to our help.

3. Mission:

we are aiming to help the community through carrying out projects to develop the education system in Egypt by collecting more information about the best way to develop the schools and using the foreign experiences and modern technology, also finding the best way to help the Egyptian students academically and psychologically. Moreover, we are organizing events and conferences with the government to develop the education and finding more ideas to help the Egyptian community.

4. Club brief history:

we have participated in the Youth Forum, and we have done a “fighting terrorism “project through information system.


Facebook: EYD-MSA page