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Packaging project in packaging of the world website

MSA University congratulates the Faculty of Arts & Design and our talented student, Farah Essam Badr who succeeded to publish her project in the Packaging of the World (POTW) website, which is one of the leading packaging design blogs on the world.


Farah was conducting her project under supervision of Dr Ahmed Attia, T.A Menna Zakaria and T.A Shaimaa Elsherbeny.


Her project was in packaging design about the minimalism concept for BO BANA - Cosmetics brand - Scrubs & Masks. This project shows out the process for the design stages of getting the minimalist design for each package, Recreating a simpler design and modern that attracts the target audience and has the trendy look that will let them want to buy it more and also improving from the quality of the product and letting them to be more elegant. Because their designs were so crowded and a lot of faces and illustrations that made the buyer know the product quickly and easily.


Her product is all about cosmetics (Masks and Scrubs) that are done in a natural way and without adding any chemicals. Taking all the nutrients and vitamins from nature ex. Fruits and plants.


Showing you the flavours and how you can interact with you pack by scanning the QR Code and you will find all info that you need and instruction of how to use the mask and it will let you when is the other day that you face will need you to use the scrub or even the mask.


All the products are natural ingredients that are healthy for the face and the majority will not have any side effects or even allergies.


The big Pack for her Mud Mask is filled in separately inside in a transparent plastic pack so that you do not use an excessive amount of mud. The material that She is going to use for her Box Pack is going to be coated paper, and the tube printing process will be Flexography.


What's Unique?
What make my packaging design special is the Simplicity and the new unique look that makes it like an expensive brand that you want to use.


For more details, Kindly visit the packaging of the world website: Packaging of the World (POTW)



MSA is proud of you and we wish you huge success in your bright future. your social media marketing partner

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