Nawah Scientific research center Visit

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Nawah Scientific research center Visit

The Faculty of Biotechnology, MSA university sponsored the visit of the Gene Therapy course students to Nawah Scientific research center.


The Gene Therapy course students attended the visit trip, accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Nour El-Din and L.A. May Mounir. The students arrived at 10:00 am at Nawah scientific, they attended an informative theoretical session demonstrating the methods of gene therapy and different gene delivery systems.


Afterwards, the students had a complete tour of the research center where they were informed of all the labs and the kind of experiments done there. The tour included the Mammalian tissue culture lab, Microbiology lab, Nanotechnology lab, Analytical chemistry lab, and the stability testing lab.


During the visit, the students attended the transient transfection of a mammalian cell line using the calcium phosphate method in the mammalian tissue culture lab. Also, they observed the transformation of competent bacterial cells in the Microbiology lab.


The students were impressed by the field visit that added to their practical experience and their competencies. Furthermore, they were grateful for attending this informative trip.

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