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MSAians Visit DMC channels

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MSAians Visit DMC channels

MSA students on a practical visit to the DMC channels ‎group in the framework of the fruitful cooperation between the ‎DMC channels group and the University of MSA,‎

this ‎cooperation is to provide the students with the practical skills ‎and various areas required for the labor market, the summer ‎training committee STC arranged a field visit to the DMC ‎channels group in the Egyptian Media Production City, as well as ‎arranged the agreement to train students of the faculty of Mass ‎Communication in various areas required for the labor market.‎

MSA is particularly grateful to the Chairman of the DMC ‎channels and to the whole family of the channel for welcoming ‎and collaborating with the students with technical knowledge and ‎skills‏.‏

To participate in training and field visits you can follow ‎Offical page : MSA-STC ‎ your social media marketing partner