MSA Science club first Multipurpose Caravan to “Ein El Hyah”

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MSA Science club first Multipurpose Caravan to “Ein El Hyah”

The “Multipurpose caravan” is an initiative created by Students of MSA Science club aimed to provide a full solution based of statistics provided from charity organizations working in the deprived areas and joint scanning. It includes medical/dental treatment, distribution of supplies and awareness about health problems customized according to the area needs.

In Friday the 29th of September 2017 MSA Science club lunched the first of its kind one-day Multipurpose caravan with Medical and awareness aspect to Masr El Kadeema poor village “Ein El Hyah”. The area suffers from poor infrastructure, health problems leading to possible risks with cancer and virus c. Accordingly, students from all faculties and different semesters were recruited and divided into different teams according a plan set by MSA Science club board and team members. Despite the harsh conditions, sudden obstacles and organization problems in a very low level almost hostile neighborhood. The base of the operations was established inside a local mosque. The students have changed it into field dental clinic, awareness and storage center after taking the Mosque guard and Imam. The caravan that lasted for 5 hours outcomes were amazing 175 patients were diagnosed 110 were treated and the rest were referred to MSA faculty of dentistry. 65 family have received school clothes and 100 children have received their school bags. 92 individuals have received virus c and cancer awareness through home visits who were very cooperative and willing to learn. The Dental part included more than 60 students 40 internes and 30 dental students from different semesters in different teams 5 staff members (Dr. Haytham El Khouly, Dr. Haya Hesham, Dr. Orchidia Naguib, Dr. Nouran Gamal, Dr. Radwa Galaal and Dr. Ola Abdel Samad). That was coordinated with the faculty of dentistry and partially sponsored by Le Baladna organization which provided some of the missing disposables and the others were auto funded mainly by 4 Science club members. The caravan secured jointly with members of le Baladna organization and caravan participants from the club members and others The awareness part included teams of students from the faculties of Dentistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Languages, Mascom and Engineering that aimed to make families aware of virus C methods of infection, Cancer risk factors from their life style and environment as well as oral hygiene that was done in parallel the work in the clinics. It was done using materials provided by 57357 CCHE as well as MSA Science club members. The distribution part included distribution of school bags sponsored by Rotaract el Tahrir and the clothes were funded and obtained individually by a group of senior students who wanted to help under a group called “El Khair group”

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