MSA Oscar

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MSA Oscar

The first annual event, MSA Oscar, was held to honor the university students who are distinguished scientifically and mathematically and have won the top positions in the international and local competitions during the academic year 2018-2019 in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hawaii International Network and Communication Technology and for the first time in the history of Egyptian universities the Director of Human Resources and The Deputy Chairman of the Board.

On October 3, 2019, MSA University honored the distinguished students from all faculties in the presence of Dr. Nawal El-Degwi (Chairman of the Board of Trustees), Prof. Dr. Khairi Abdul-Hamid (President of the University) and media coverage of CBC and DMC, HUB, Nile TV and MBC Masr.

Shields and certificates of honor were distributed to students who took first place and achieved international and local achievements as follows:

- Students of the Faculty of Engineering, Communications Department, who are ranked second in the world in the Huawei Competition among 120,000 students from all universities.
- Students of the Faculty of Computer Science, who obtained the top 20 positions in Egypt for the Huawei Network Competition.
- Students of the Faculty of Engineering - Department of Architecture and the winners of the Saint Gobain competition for architecture students in the scientific excellence on the Italian model project.
- Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy received four certificates of appreciation from the University of Istanbul and the Shield of Scientific Excellence from the University of Irks in Turkey for the project of using the roots of the Nile and rice straw in the purification of wastewater and the eighth place as the best presentation of the idea of ​​the project with the participation of 47 pharmaceutical colleges around the world and more than 500 Research topic Two awards at the 24th Dubai International Pharmaceutical and Technology Exhibition and Exhibition, and the Excellence Award for Best Quality Research Project in terms of innovation, quality of supply and access to natural products.
- Students of the Faculty of Biotechnology who won the first place in the Science Leaders' Leadership Competition in Egypt, the Best Cancer Poster in the Scientific Poster Contest and the best project in the Medical Conference from 75 projects from 10 different universities and the best scientific presentation during the Third Science Conference.
- Students of the Faculty of Management Sciences and recipients of the prize of first place as the best delegate at the international conference in Budapest
-Three other honorary awards and an award from the top five in the local finals of Ernst & Young's annual international competition.

On the level of sports, The students who won the national championship of power for universities and the second place and three medals in the championship of Egypt in swimming were honored.

Congratulations to all students and wish you success and excellence in their scientific and practical life and always be proud and proud of yourselves and the university and every institution you belong to in the future. your social media marketing partner

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