MSA hosts a Renowned Spanish Delegation

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MSA hosts a Renowned Spanish Delegation

MSA hosted a renowned delegation from University of Catalonia in Spain which consisted of Catalonian Minister of Education and Head of Lildia University in Spain. The delegation aimed at signing a co-operation protocol between MSA and the Spanish ministers to enhance the efforts of researchers from both parties in order to induce the European Union support. MSA was invited to be an honorable member in the Mediterranean Universities League. They also offered adopting and financing the small and medium businesses in the university and academic exchange programs.

Dr. Khairy Abdel Hamid, President of the University together with Dr Ayman Diab, Dean of Faculty of Biotechnology and Dr El Sayed Nagi, Dean of Faculty of Management Sciences welcomed the delegation and toured the campus with them where they visited the Cinema Hall at Students Services Building. The Head of Lildia University, John Fitz talked to more than 300 students when he mentioned that Catalonia State has 12 universities, 7 of them are private, and 4 are supervised by the government in addition to an electronic one. Catalonia is a touristic place that attracts a lot of tourists all year round due to its beautiful weather. Academic studies in Catalonia are 4 years for the literary subjects and 5 years for medical faculties. The masters and PhD are two years long each. The language of study is either English or Spanish. The delegation was impressed by visiting the most advanced Dental Clinics, the X-rays labs and other technical facilities. your social media marketing partner

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