MSA Engineering students participated in ICT

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MSA Engineering students participated in ICT

MSA Engineering students participated in Cairo conference of Engineering and information Technology ICT. The conference was inaugurated by Dr Tarek Kamel the Minister of communication and Information Technology which was held in Cairo International Conference Center at Nasr City. MSA students" participation was highly commended and appreciated as they have attained a cutting edge in electronics which enticed the renowned companies to offer support, sponsorship, finance and executions. Intel, ESC, White house Securities and Delta Insurance were among these companies who assured the validity and the outstanding potential of projects.

The automated multi storey electronic parking building was among the distinguished projects which was carried out by two students whose names were; Mahmoud Bahaa El Sherif and Mohamed Ahmed Hassan who were inspired by a Japanese idea but the design was their own. The idea is based on leaving the car on an automatic carrier board and a secret code ticket enables the driver to park and restore the car automatically. This project incurs a lot of advantages like saving time, space, cost besides protecting the car itself from theft or scratches resulted by the traditional parking. Dr Sameh El Noa"man supervised this brilliant project. The second project was about an electronic military suit which was designed by engineering students: Mohamed Khairy and Galal Mounieb. It is summed up in engraining special cells that transmit and receive commands during war time to replace the huge wireless apparatus. It also helps detect the chief commanders and leaders. This device is totally secured and is also equipped with GPRS. The third project was designed by Gina Adel and it helps in developing the receiving and transmitting unit (the Antenna) more effective in usage, speed, saving energy to make the battery life even longer. Finally MSA would like to thank our Engineers for their outstanding efforts and wish them bright and rewarding careers. your social media marketing partner

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