Engineering Exhibition 2010

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Engineering Exhibition 2010

As people walked around the hangar, you sense the excitement of the students and the monitoring of the doctors. Among the attendees was Dr. Ihab Hamdy Naeem , professor of Physics, stated that, “It is exciting to see what ideas students are coming up with this year, especially since they help their experimental hand work that is applied in real life.” One of the intriguing inventions on display was the Electric Magnetism Levitation. It is a magnet with positive charges that use exact equal pull on either magnet (poles) to levitate the added weight. The idea came to the students because of a lecture they had earlier, about magnets and how they work. “Playing with gravity and magnets gave us the idea to come up with levitating weight through magnets to see if they work,” explained one of the students. “It took us some time to get the exact weight but finally it worked.”

Among the attendees were Engineering faculty members, Dr., Emam Rabeea, and Dr. Mahmoud Hanafy, who helped some of the students with the actual production of their projects. “Two of the projects that I helped students to work on, was the car development project, where the students developed a" formula One" engine to make it better. It is a project that these students have been working on since last term. The other was the "Turning Machine" for wood, where students can actually make Arabesque tables and legs, using the materials they had. It is amazing to see what these students can come up with in such a short time.” One of the sophomore students, Farah Raad, mentioned that she enjoyed making and presenting the project and viewed it as a way for students to create their own ideas and see if they will actually work. “It is fun to do these student activities,” she added. Her project objective was to prove that through UV light black sucks up the original colors and projects different coloring based on the light pointed at it. Towards the end of their presentations, many students had the honor to hear Dr. Nawal El Degwy, along with Dr. Khairy, commend them on a job, well done, as she walked around the hangar listening to student presentations and observing how their projects worked. MSA has always provided its students with the best quality education offered in Egypt, and watched the student's innovative projects and their ability to present and demonstrate them in the exhibition, which shows that MSA's education is paying off, for today's students are tomorrow"s creative engineers. your social media marketing partner

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