Chromatography Conference at Bio-Equivalence Center

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Chromatography Conference at Bio-Equivalence Center

Congratulations, MSA is extremely proud to be the first private university in Egypt to establish the nationally recognized licensed Bio-equivalence Center in Egypt. Not only it is run and administered by a team of highly skilled scientists and staff from the Faculty of Pharmacy; but also by highly acknowledged, and well known consultants of different nationalities. The BE center is based on many years of academic experience and an immense understanding of Quality System which has been internationally acknowledged.

On the 10th of November MSA held a conference where the finest MSA professors and Faculty members, such as Dr. Ola Mustafa; technical director of Bio-equivalence, together with the highly acknowledged companies that deal with bio-equivalence, such as Global Naby, October Pharma and Cidico. This conference was of great benefit to both companies and the students who were interested to attend it. Bio-equivalence deals with chromatography. Chromatography is a collective term used for a set of laboratory techniques for the separation of mixtures. It involves passing a mixture dissolved in a "mobile phase" through a stationary phase, which separates the analyte to be measured from other molecules in the mixture based on a differential partitioning between the mobile and stationary phases. It basically means that it separates substances from one another and breaks them down to be analyzed. Phenomenex, a company located in Torrance, California, is the one which specialized in making the HPLC system, they invented a new product called Kinetex, which is the column that is needed to separate the analyte to determine the existence and concentration of analytes in a sample and form it into a chromatograph. The objective of this conference was to show how much the column technology has improved, and they have done so by mono- dispersing the Kinetex particles to extremely narrow the particle size distribution and reduce the effects of Eddy Diffusion. They also made it so that you don't have to change your HPLC system to UHPLC system, and the new column technology will give high efficiency, high sensitivity, solvent consumption, high productivity, and faster running time. But the best part about this new technology is that there is no need to change the method work on any LP platform, so basically it will change the entire system from HPLC to UHPLC without having to buy a new system, just the new column, at only $600, instead of $600,000 in Egypt. All this leads us to our final question, why is all of this important? The answer is simple, not only did MSA give a chance for Egyptian companies to view this new and amazing technology, it also gave our fine doctors a chance to understand the newest technologies out there. But most important MSA is doing something innovative and new to offer its students. For the first time ever in Egypt, students can actually see and learn with their own hands how to break down molecules and use it for research projects by drug analysis, which is extremely essential for those who want to graduate and work at biochemical companies. Only at MSA you will find the best of British Higher Education in every dimension, because today"s students will become our future scientists. Only at MSA you can see a brighter and exquisite future.

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