Borsa Step × Step program

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Borsa Step × Step program

The Faculty of Management Sciences organized a training program in collaboration with the Egyptian Stock Exchange the Borsa Step by Step (البورصة خطوة * خطوة)program that was held on the 18th, 19th& 20th of September 2017. Prof. El Sayed Nagy the Dean of the Faculty introduced the program to the audience and asked the representatives of the Stock Exchange to provide field training and job opportunities to our students and graduates.

Prof. Doaa Salman supervised the implementation of the training program, which helps to prepare new candidate that meet the standardsof the job market.This program comes as an interaction of the Faculty of Management Sciences in its belief in its role to serve the community. Borsa Step × Step which is one of the most important educational programs of The Egyptian Exchange (EGX), as it aims to increase awareness about investing in the stock market. In the first day Mr. Ahmed El Sayed (Director General of Research - Egyptian Stock Exchange) gave a lecture about principles of investment in the stock exchange and it covered the following topics: the Egyptian stock exchange, its history, inception, purpose, why companies issue shares and bonds, factors affecting the rise and fall of stock prices, and financial instruments used in the stock exchange. The second day dealt with the rules of registration and disclosure in the stock exchange, which was presented by Dr. Heba Al Sirafi (Vice President of Registration Sector - Egyptian Stock Exchange) and she discussed the following topics: listing companies in the stock exchange, rules of registration, cancellation and re-registration of companies in both the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the Nile Stock Exchange, public and Private Placement, official and informal market, corporate governance and sustainable development. The third day was about trading in securities which was provided by Mr. Mohamed Selim (Deputy Director of Market Follow-up Department - EGX).
The main topics of the lecture included: Trading dates in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, types of investors in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, basic functions within brokerage firms, stages of trading securities, the difference between sales and purchase situations, execution of orders and settlement of operations, andmarket monitoring, and price screens. This was followed by a second lecture by Mr. Sharif Fouad (Public Relations and Marketing Supervisor - Egyptian Stock Exchange) about Stoke Riders (a practical experience to invest in the Egyptian stock exchange) which is considered a real experience to invest in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

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