Advertising and PR graduation projects

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Advertising and PR graduation projects

The Faculty of Mass Communication congratulates Advertising and Public Relations students for their Graduation Projects that tackled some of the most important issues in the Egyptian society. Significant topics that discussed cultural, psychological, environmental as well as economic matters are discussed this week at MSA Campus. MCOM students have suggested enlightened solutions and recommendations to contribute to their communities and country.

The topics also serve the agenda for Sustainable Development for peace and prosperity for people and the environment. The projects address more than 7 out of the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development that call for action to responsible consumption and well being and to end exclusion and poverty. The students have impressively recognized these problems and created campaigns strategies to raise awareness and change behavior towards improving health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth.


Twenty-six projects were the outcome of this semester covering the following topics:


  • Inheritance Disputes to empower women's rights to their inheritance.
  • Digital Detox (FOMO/JOMO), encouraging joy of missing out on virtual life on social media networks.
  • Sharing Day to spread the culture of sharing and decluttering.
  • Fear of Change an awareness campaign on how to face the potential risks that people might face in making decisions to change and move out from their comfort zones.
  • Parenting Equality and Fostering Father's involvement in Parenting.
  • Identity Crisis and Being Egyptian, targets youth to find comfort in a solid sense of identity.
  • Energy Healing awareness campaign energy as an alternative medicine based on a pseudo-scientific belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient and effect positive results.
  • Internal Tourism to promote tourism to attractive locations all around Egypt's most beautiful sightseeing and camping destinations.
  • Gender Prejudice in Pregnancy to end gender discrimination.
  • Seeda to emphasize home and indoor planting.
  • Marriage Costs to eliminate exaggeration in marriage preparations.
  • Grow at your Own Pace, don't compare your life to others. Comparison is the thief of happiness.
  • Great Museums of Egypt, the country of the hundred museums is an awareness campaign about the Egyptian museums especially the unknown ones and their hidden treasures.
  • Minimalism and a Sustainable Lifestyle, all about living with less. This includes less financial burdens such as debt and unnecessary expenses.
  • Emotional Openness and Intelligence, to encourage people to be more vulnerable, emotional and most importantly to be more empathetic.
  • Toxic Masculinity, refers to certain cultural norms that are associated with harm to society and to men themselves.
  • Gender Differential Parenting to reduce gender inequality in parenting styles.
  • Re-branding Cairo Opera House to attract more youth visitors.
  • Pharaohs Civilization Unrevealed, aims to enhance communication between this generation and the ancient Egyptians and to learn about unknown ancient lifestyle.
  • Physical Disabilities and Disability Inclusion, aims to understanding the relationship between the way people function and how they participate in society.
  • Positive Parenting to promote a positive approach that focuses on teaching the appropriate behavior rather than punishing the unwanted ones.
  • Religious Tourism, aims to take you in a journey of knowledge about mosques, churches and synagogues in Egypt.
  • Luring Friends, will help empower victims of peer pressure to reject without fear.
  • Egyptian Handicrafts to encourage Egyptians to buy Egyptian handicrafts rather than the foreign products.
  • Dropping out of school, awareness campaign on the problems of school dropout and an attempt to reduce this phenomenon to create a better education generation.
  • Down Syndrome, awareness campaign aims to communicate teaching peers how to engage in meaningful interactions and dealing with Down Syndrome.

All presentations were examined by panelists from the professional field and academics that admired their valuable research and efforts. Our reputable panelists were, Sherine El Tohamy, Social Media & Content Director at Ingredients Egypt- United Media Services, Ola Alaa Mohamed Saad Al Moghazy Ayaad, copy Writer and Account Manager at Strike Media, Ashraf Saiid, Head of Creative and Art Department at Animation - MediaHub سعدي جوهر, Mohamed Sameer Said Ouf, Digital Marketing Director & Trainer; Digital Marketing Consultant & Director for “Media Hatem Salem”, “Target Media Agency, “Elite’s Gym”, “Harmony Clinic” and many other clients in Egypt & UAE.


We were also very honored to welcome back our beloved outstanding MSA alumni, who are current experts in their fields, among the jury, to evaluate the students’ projects, Hussien El Meligi, CEO at Evergreen Creative Studio, Youssef Wagdy Associate Creative Director ACD at Isobar, Abanoub Soliman, Brand manager at Think Link business development solutions and Ola Tanani Communications Consultant in various International Development agencies; currently consulting for UN Women (regional office), Key expert on an EU project in Egypt, and consulting on a USAID project as well.


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