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The 3rd Annual Nutrition Conference

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The 3rd Annual Nutrition Conference

MSA University held the third conference of nutrition and oral health, chaired by the Faculty of Dentistry’s Dean, Dr. Faten Kamel, under the auspices of the Associate Professor Walid Marioud: Director of the Continuing Education Unit at the Faculty of Dentistry and Dr. Mona Abdul Mutalleb: Specialist of Therapeutic Nutrition at the Faculty of Dentistry.

The conference’s seminar revolved around all the accurate methods of a healthy nutrition and the benefits that follow post sustaining such healthful routines in terms of the oral health; teeth and gums, as well as the potential cavity and tooth decay factors, symptoms and treatment.

Also, included in the seminar a series of enlightening lectures given by several knowledgeable professors from the Faculty of Dentistry, including Dr. Faten Kamel: The Faculty’s Dean, Dr. Najla Al Wakil: The Faculty’s Vice Dean, Dr. Mona Abdul Mutalleb, Dr. Sherine Wgdy: Associate Professor, Dr. Rehab Fawzy as well as professors from other respective universities including Dr. Khaled Afify: Regional Director of MPI’s Company and Dr. Gihan Fouad: Consultant of Therapeutic Nutrition.

And from the most prominent highlights of the conference, an awareness convention took place with the motive of raising awareness among patients of keys to a healthy diet for the sake of maintaining oral health.

By the conference’s closure, the attendees were distributed with complimentary items that included toothpaste and glucose monitoring devices.

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