1st International Online Symposium Digital Dentistry Secrets unleashed

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  • Thursday, 13 August 2020 15:13

MSA University - 1st International Online Symposium Digital Dentistry Secrets unleashed


For the first time worldwide, MSA University proudly announces the launch of the 1st International Digital Dentistry Symposium Under the Auspices of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof.Dr. Khaled Abd El Ghafar. in cooperation with digital dentistry global society for three days starting from 17th till 19th of Sep 2020. Get ready for an amazing pack of lectures in the first 2 days and live demos on the last day from a variety of well-known companies in the field of digital dentistry as well as online hands-on and virtual exhibition.


We are witnessing a new era where everything is going digital, and digital dentistry is a part of this overflowing technology. It is no further luxury to include digital dentistry in your practice especially after the COVID 19 pandemic to decrease cross-infection potential. The need for more predictable, more precise, and less time-consuming procedures made it crucial for digital dentistry to emerge.


In that sense, it is our pleasure to invite all the dental society nationally and internationally to join us in the 1st online International digital dentistry symposium. All you need to know about digital dentistry will be present in one place driven to you by the top digital dentistry masters in the world.


The symposium will be carried out via ZOOM platform and broadcasted to our Facebook Page and Youtube Channel.

Stay tuned to find out our top tier sponsors and guest speakers.