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  • Thursday, 10 October 2019 11:45

MSA University - MSA Entrepreneurship Courses  

Center of Excellence for Projects and Entrepreneurship is proudly announcing a NON-Credit Course ENT01 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship (For Students) & ENT02 - Advanced Entrepreneurship (For Staff Members). The lectures will be held at L204 by Dr. Nermeen Nadim on the following schedule: Every Monday: [ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm (Students) | 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm (Staff Members) ] Every Wednesday: [9:30 am - 12:30 pm (Staff) | 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm (Students) ]

Dr. Nermeen Nadim's Biography:

Dr. Narmeen Nadim

- PHD in Human Resources Management – School of Business, University of Maryland , USA (2011).
​- Master degree in Business Administration in Human Resources Management & Marketing , Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime in affiliation with Central Michigan University, USA (2006).
- Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Challenge perceptions AUC ( 2004 ).
- Diploma in Leadership, coaching & mentoring (2002) AUC.
- Intensive Course in Creative thinking & Innovation ( 2000) AmCham.
- ​Diploma in Simultaneous Interpretation Translation – American University in Cairo, Egypt (1989).
- Member & Consultant in Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) - USA.
- ​Professional Member & certified worldwide trainer in IBDL - USA.  

Member & Consultant in:
- ​American Chamber – AmCham (USA and Egypt).
- Industrial Modernization Center – Egypt.
- ​Egyptian human resources management association (EHRMA).
- HRians Egypt. ​Assistant Governor Zone 2451 in Rotary International.

ENT01 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship (For Students):

Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary course designed to teach students how to think and acting entrepreneurship. Students learn how to start and run a business while they're at the university, thus transforming their learning into gain. The course will build on academic skills across the curriculum, by integrating survey-based learning and business tools that will enable students to analyze, create, develop and pilot small businesses in a secure on-campus environment. Those who run to run a small business will bring their products directly to the consumer through the local market or submit a project to potential investors for financing. Concepts and skills are enhanced through a strong focus on practical experiences. Applications are included on the community, individuals, and the use of technology. This course includes a wide range of lessons and activities that offer a variety of ways to engage final students and retain content. Each module contains a series of lessons that include content presentation, virtual demonstrations of this content, recurring opportunity to practice this content, access to success stories for a group of entrepreneurs, preparation of business models suited to the nature of each type of project, identification of different funding sources and selection most suitable for the nature of the project. You do not need any other prerequisites to join except for a passion for Entrepreneurship and Startups.

ENT02 - Advanced Entrepreneurship (For Staff Members):

Successful entrepreneurs pursue new business opportunities often in a pioneering way and contribute to innovation, growth, as well as employment generation. In addition to selecting students who have the elements of entrepreneurship and encourage them to start innovating their own business plan according to the nature of their different orientations. But how exactly do they manage the entry into a market and grow their ventures? What strategies can they implement to achieve sustainable competitive advantage? What are the overall challenges they face? These are examples of fundamental questions that will be addressed in this course. You do not need any other prerequisites to join except for a passion for Entrepreneurship and Startups.

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For Staff Members - ENT02 - Advanced Entrepreneurship Course
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