Menna Boudy

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Menna Boudy

The Faculty of Arts and Design would love to give a round of applause to Menna Boudy, an MSA graduate Class of 2018 fashion design department and brand owner of the Sterling silver- and gold-plated jewelry (@bymennaboudy). Having her own brand was one of Menna’s dreams, and by having a persistent character, she made her dream come true. Menna’s pieces got worn by the famous actress Cynthia Khalifa during the television series “Harb Ahliya" مسلسل حرب أهلية that is aired in Ramadan 2021.


Menna Boudy faced a variety of challenges starting from finding materials, manufacturing, finding new customers, and retaining existing customers. So, what did Menna say about MSA University?


“I have always been passionate about designing as I love the idea of creating things from scratch. At MSA University, they have changed this passion into a career. Starting from the design process, we have been taught to visualize ideas by observing and analyzing things around us to conduct a creative and original design.


Also, to get inspirations from everything around us including art, history, nature, etc. Furthermore, we have been taught to translate our ideas into a sketch by different ways from learning design rules (in terms of color, shape, space, etc. ...) to learning different drawing and coloring techniques too either free drawing or digital ones.


Also, at MSA we just don’t learn everything concerning art and design concepts but also the main marketing tools as it’s the key role for any brand’s success. As a result, I was able to identify my target market and reach the right audience who are most likely to be interested in my content and products. They are likely to be united by some common characteristics like demographics, geographic and behaviors.


Furthermore, I must keep an eye on how my brand’s audience communicates by observing their comments and questions to be able to understand their needs and concerns.


At Arts & Design -MSA you will learn how to create eye-catching art and design concept and to manipulate images using Photoshop. As a result, creating eye-catching content is a must by producing up-to-date and fresh content to get more people to engage with my online store.


As the visual aspect is significant in defining my brand presence”.


To check her pages:


Congratulations to Menna Boudy, with our best wishes for continued success and distinction to all students and graduates of MSA University.

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