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Lacto-1 packaging design

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Lacto-1 packaging design

MSA University congratulates the Faculty of Arts & Design and our talented student, Nadin Ahmed Gamal who succeeded to publish her project in the Packaging of the World (POTW) website, which is one of the leading packaging design website on the World. Nadin was conducting her project under supervision of Dr Ahmed Attia, T.A Menna Zakaria and T.A Shaimaa Elsherbeny. Her project was in packaging design about the minimalism school for Lacto 1 Brand.


Lacto-1 is a milk powder for infants from birth until 6 months. Delicious food - easy to digest and saturated for children, it is best for infants from birth until the sixth month.


It contains all the valuable nutrients and important minerals that ensure the healthy development of the child. Also, it distributes nutritional energy in milk and consists of 50% vegetable fats, 40% carbohydrates, and 10% protein and helps in building new tissues for the child.


What's Unique? A cost-effective way to promote the product without appearing cheap or poorly designed. Also, save money from too much waste created by overly sized or sophisticated packaging. Fewer materials used in product packaging means lower cost of packaging.


For more details, Kindly visit the packaging of the world website: Packaging of the World (POTW)


MSA is proud of you and we wish you huge success in your bright future.

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