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Fayrouz Khaled Salah

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Fayrouz Khaled Salah

MSA University and the Faculty of Languages would love to congratulate our beloved graduate, writer and Novelist Fayrouz Khaled Salah (Class of 2019) for her novel “Lost in The Echo” that got published by Austin Macauley International House!


The international publishing house “Austin Macauley” recently released the first edition of the novel, “Lost in the Echo”, by the young writer Fayrouz Khaled, and opened the door for online reservation of the novel for distribution in Egypt, the UAE and Britain.


The idea of the novel revolves around a person’s self-discovery and re-vision of things according to their real impact and meanings, and not according to their appearance and the pressures they cause, through the character of Malika, who has a special ability to sense the feelings of others, understand them and sympathize with them.


Fayrouz Khaled Salah is currently studying writing the script at the famous Met Film School in the British capital, London. In addition, Fayrouz grew up in a family of writers and journalists who inspired her early to develop her great passion for writing, and thanks to talent and early attempts, she released her first book years ago under the title "Changed" by Dar Sama for publishing and distribution in Egypt.


Congratulations to writer Fayrouz, with our best wishes for success and distinction to all MSA University students and graduates

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