Dr. Samar Adel

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Dr. Samar Adel

October for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA University) would heartfeltly love to congratulate Dr. Samar Adel for her success Journey with MSA University in attaining her MPHIL/PHD Degree at the University of Greenwich.


Dr. Samar Adel was a student of MSA University Faculty of Computer Sciences who got enrolled in September 2007 and graduated in February 2012 being awarded first honors degree with two certificates from MSA University and its former British partner Middlesex University, UK.


Continuing her successful academic journey, Dr. Samar got her Pre-Master’s degree from Middlesex University in the field of Computer network and security back in January 2013. A year after in 2014, she attained her Master’s Degree (MSc) from Middlesex University in the field of computer network and security. Her thesis titled "CBC based fingerprint encryption using compressed PNG images" and she got a distinctive grade in her thesis.


Currently in 2021, Dr. Samar Adel is finalizing her MPHIL/PHD Degree at the University of Greenwich.


Her MPHIL/PHD Degree’s research aims to investigate ways in which to create an environment that has smart capabilities. With the use of computer vision the system will be able to seek targeted information within still images or video obtained from a CCTV camera. The analytics developed can then be used in deep machine learning algorithms, leading to a system that can actively analyze specific behavior in a set of images independent of human intervention. Moreover, the system will be able to correctly alert humans to an incident based upon the information extracted. This will create an environment where repetitive exhausting tasks do not have to be implemented by individuals.


Furthermore, the system will be more precise than humans thus improving the quality and performance of tasks.


Congratulations Dr. Samar Adel, with our heartfelt wishes for continued success and excellence to all MSA University students and graduates.

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