Congratulations Eng. Omar El-shafaay

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Congratulations Eng. Omar El-shafaay

Omar El-shafaay’s Graduation project – from faculty of Engineering, Communication and electronics department- is published as an international Article on The Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing international Magazine


The project was under the supervision of Prof.Mahmoud Abduallah & Prof.Ahmed Abdelmanaam as they present an article titled as “Compact and wideband microwave band stop filter for wireless applications”, and it’s published on scopus by Springer Publisher with impact factor 0.95

The article is considered as and distinguish research which presents a compact microwave band stop filter (BSF) used in wireless applications which is proposed and designed by applying the practical methods of microstrip technology.


The proposed bandstop filter (BSF) has some convenient and useful features such as compactness in size, high insertion loss, wide stopband and most importantly tunability. The Microstrip technology is used for its property of miniaturizing the size of the microwave filter and also improving the efficiency of the resonators. The proposed filter consists of compact rectangular microstrip open loop resonators as building blocks of the filter.


Lumped capacitors are added to the microstrip open loop resonators to minimize the proposed filter in terms of the overall size and achieve the tunability feature. The band stop filter has a center frequency of 3.8 GHz, a stop band from 4 to 5 GHz and an insertion loss lower than -30 dB is achieved within stop band


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