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Cairo Designation Award

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Cairo Designation Award

MSA University congratulates the faculty of Arts & design and our amazingly talented students and staff member for participating in the event "CAIRO DESIGNATION" and winning the first and second places in the competition which was created to generate novel ideas to combat the virus, reduce its effects and adapt with the new realities the world awoken to


Our students and staff member competed against 100 young Egyptian designers who attended this virtual workshop over 2 days from all different universities around the country and they were able to obtain the 1st and 2nd places.



The objectives of the event:


  • To strengthen the Egyptian design community.
  • To provide an opportunity for participants to learn something new.
  • To provide space and time for creatives to make headway on the pandemic problems.
  • To generate a multitude of creative and unconventional solutions.
  • And more important to generate positive energy.


Congratulations to interior design level 3 student Amira Mustafa Fathy for winning the 1st place and the LA Salama Hesham & level 3 student Youssef Ahmed Embaby for winning the 2nd place to be noted that the designs will be manufactured by CWWFI the chamber of woodworking and furniture industry


MSA is proud of you and we wish you huge success in your bright future. your social media marketing partner

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